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University teaching is based on the emphasis on research activities, which makes it distance itself from the didactic-pedagogical dimension that underpins the teaching profession. In this sense, it is necessary to foster a movement of didactic-pedagogical training in service, notably in the built spaces and in which Pedagogical Advisory resides, whose functions unfold along different lines of action. From this perspective, the University Pedagogical Advisory has been born from the need to qualify university education, aiming to promote spaces for teaching professional development that lead to such qualification. Pedagogical training based on concepts related to permanent professional development, pedagogical innovation articulated with curricular restructuring and innovation, meeting the pedagogical needs of students and teachers are, therefore, work fronts of the University Pedagogical Advisory, whose performance takes place in the transdisciplinary space of higher education.
With University Pedagogical Advisory as the object of studies, the objective of the research project entitled "University Pedagogical Advisory: Singularities and Synchronicities in an International Setting" was to systematize conceptions and practices of university pedagogical advisory that have been supporting the design of these institutional spaces. In a national and international context, it aimed to identify singularities and synchronicities of these experiences, by determining the fundamental elements in the training process proposed by the Pedagogical Advisories. In this way, the project intended to value these experiences, integrating the partner institutions and researchers of the research, by allowing a dissemination of knowledge about these formative spaces that are the University Pedagogical Advisories. 


To this end, the following are partner institutions of this research project:

  • University of the Republic Uruguay – UDELAR/Uruguay
  • University of Buenos Aires – UBA/Argentina
  • University of São Paulo – USP
  • University of Minho, Braga, Portugal
  • University of Porto – UPorto/Portugal
  • State University of Campinas – Unicamp
  • São Paulo State University “Júlio de Mesquita Filho” – Unesp
  • Federal University of Alfenas, UNIFAL/MG, Brazil.
  • Federal University of Minas Gerais – UFMG
  • Federal University of Pelotas – UFPel
  • Federal University of São Carlos – UFSCar
  • Federal University of São Paulo – Unifesp


We present here, in this repository, the research work and results, which allowed us to achieve the objectives proposed in the project. Welcome to the universe called University Pedagogical Advisory.


E-mail:  projetoAPU.unesp@gmail.com