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The State of the Art aims to present the scientific production of a given field of knowledge, in a given research cutout, based on the tracking, mapping or balance of this production, obtaining the current state of its theoretical construct, which allows us to identify both the advancement of the knowledge produced and the delimitation of the questions that remain open and give rise to new investigations.
In this research project, several State of the Art exercises on University Pedagogical Advisories and pedagogical advisory services were carried out. The publication of articles, theses and dissertations, and books and book chapters, in the context of Brazil, was adopted as a cutout, as well as the cutout in congress minutes, in the context of Portugal, and the productions of the groups established in Argentina and Uruguay.


The result of the State of the Art research is compiled in the International Pedagogical Advisory Dossier: experiences in an international context.  Dossier


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